Dwell Magazine: Issue Highlights

If you’re anything like us, you still get excited when the new issue of your favorite magazine comes in the mail.  And, if you’re anything like us, you have about 10 favorite magazines.  Yesterday’s mail came with a delightful gift – the new issue of Dwell Magazine.  Modern, fresh, and relevant, Dwell is definitely a interior design fave.  Somehow, Dwell always manages to find such unique decor from all over the world.

Like this modern compact desk from Japanese designer Yota Kakuda.  How great is this?  And with kelly green accents!


Check out this modern table and bench set in royal blue with white scratches – designed by Joost and Kiki.  This great table is pretty much perfect for a kid’s playroom – you can’t scratch it!  (Well, you can, but it wouldn’t show).



Just because we’re interior designers doesn’t mean we don’t love all other kinds of design – especially jewelry!  Dawes Design creates stunning gemstone jewelry.  The styles range from modern to rustic to elegant.modern-gemstone-jewelry

Thanks again, Dwell Magazine, for another pleasant afternoon of flipping pages.

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