Funky Flowers

We love to place a beautiful vase of flowers in each and every nursery design we complete.  There’s something about a bouquet, whether it be roses or daisies, that brings life and love into the nursery.  And of course, they bring color, personality and just a touch of nature into the baby’s room.

colorful modern flower vases

A vase of flowers doesn’t typically lend itself to being funky or modern – we generally think of flowers as something sweet and traditional.  So, when I came across these incredibly bizarre flower vases, I was definitely intrigued.

colorful modern flower vase

Ironically named “Pretty Vases” these colorfully modern flower vases were designed by François Xavier Balléry for Domeau & Pérès.  I think a few of these in different hues would be super cool in a modern nursery setting, or even an older child’s room.