Kardashian Nursery Sneak Peak

It seems like the whole world has been sitting on pins and needles, waiting to find out what Kim and Kanye have designed for baby North’s nursery.  Last week’s episode shared some tiny sneak peaks, revealing little, but enough to keep audiences on edge.  The nursery design in the Jenner house was shown briefly with only the crib.  I was not at all surprised to find out that the Kardashian nursery crib of choice was the Nurseryworks Vetro.

Baby North Kardashian Nursery Crib

I still remember when this crib debuted, and pretty much every nursery designer in existence let out a “hallelujah!”  At the time, there was also a matching acrylic dresser and even an acrylic rocking chair, but unfortunately those two items didn’t stand the test of time.

This masterpiece of a crib has been seen in celebrity nurseries everywhere lately, the latest being Beyonce and Jay Z’s nursery for baby Blu Ivy.  This crib’s unbelievably unique design and major price tag make it the perfect choice for many celebrity parents.

So now we know the crib, but that’s not a whole lot to work with.  How about adding some black and white crib bedding?

Idea for Kardashian Crib Bedding

Or maybe some luxurious velvet monogrammed throw pillows?

Black White Gold Monogram Pillow

What would you love to see revealed in the Kardashian nursery next?  We’ll stay tuned for this week’s episode to find out if any more secrets are revealed!

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