My Niece, Future Famous Artist

Over the weekend, I babysat my 3-year old niece.  She loves lots of activities to do, so I broke out my paint box, covered the kitchen table with plastic, and gave her a nice fresh piece of paper.  Almost immediately, I could tell that she was on to something.  Her color choices were smart, and her technique was much more developed than I expected.  10 minutes later, this unbelievably amazing abstract painting appeared!

Abstract Kids Art

Not bad for a 3-year old, right?  When she finished, I called over my husband and we both agreed that this was a seriously awesome painting, and that it needed to go in a frame on the wall – immediately.  I had a frame in the correct size with a travel photo in it, so we took it down, put in the painting, and hung it back up.

Abstract Painting for Kids Room

Now, I know I’m biased because she’s my niece, but how fabulous is this painting?  It now hangs in our entry way and I’m guessing no one would be the wiser.

I’ve written before about how much I love abstract paintings in a nursery design or kid’s room, but now I feel inspired to have an actual child-painted piece!

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