Mixed Gender Room – Ta Da!

All week long, Little Crown Interiors has been posting excerpts from our series with Happy Hour Mom, about a mixed gender kid’s room design.  Today is the final day of the series, and we’re so pleased to show you – the Little Crown Interiors Nursery Design blog reader – the design board we created for this kid’s room design (it’s a mixed gender kid’s room for a baby boy and toddler girl).  Here’s an excerpt from Happy Hour Mom:

Happy Hour Mom

After a a week of design tips and featured elements of Alissa’a mixed-gender nursery project, we are proud to present you with Little Crown Interior’s final design board. It has been such a pleasure working with both Naomi and Gerri, and we can’t wait to share the final nursery images over the next couple weeks. Enjoy the final words of wisdom from the LCI ladies as we wrap up the series:

Little Crown Interiors was recently presented with a fun design challenge by Shannon Hughes of Happy Hour Mom: Her friend “A” is expecting her second child (a boy) and needs to combine his nursery with her older daughter’s room.  Our challenge was to come up with some fun and versatile solutions for this shared boy and girl room…

nursery and kid's room design ideas by Little Crown Interiors

Let’s take a look: The first step to creating a fun and functional children’s room is always to get a good look at the space.  Since A is not in Southern California (where Little Crown Interiors is located), we were able to use parts of our Digital Design Method to help get an understanding of her space (for those of you not familiar, we regularly create nursery designs for clients nationwide using our Digital Design Service).

There’s always a catch (or two)… Through designing close to 60 nurseries and kid’s rooms, we’ve learned that there’s always a catch – or two.

Catch number one: In this case, the existing room will need to be rearranged in order to accommodate the furniture.  Our floor plan shows how the completed room will need to be situated.  The crib must be moved from its current location, and the shelf – which is already anchored to the wall, must be moved.  However, a little spackle and a bit of touch up paint, and this room will be perfect for two children.

Catch number two: surprise, surprise – designing a cohesive room for a boy and girl to share is tough.  From finding the right color scheme to creative ways to help each child feel at home, we’ve got a few tricks to help A make a great room for her family.

Setting Some Limits: With all nursery design projects, it’s always good to have some limits.  First, A definitely wanted to reuse her existing crib and changer, but did not mind moving the glider to another room.  She would like to keep the budget to a minimum, so we focused on providing A ,(and you – the reader) some resources for choosing adorable and economical options.

Wrapping It Up: At Little Crown Interiors, it’s our hope that each time we have a chance to help an expecting Mom with her nursery or child’s room, we will leave her with a sense of renewed excitement.  Excitement for the fun to come in this special place – the laughter over silly things, the memories made at bedtime, the wiping of tears, and the joy on everyone’s face first thing in the morning.  We hope that our tips help A create the perfect room for her family, and that we’ve given you – the reader – some insight too!

Click Here to read the full post from Happy Hour Mom, and to view the other posts in our series about nursery design and kid’s room design for a mixed gender kid’s room.  Little Crown Interiors would like to give our special thanks to Shannon of Happy Hour Mom, and to Alissa for letting us have some fun with her children’s room!


Choosing Nursery Decor = Fun!

Here’s post number four in the week long series about mixed gender rooms.  Little Crown Interiors was asked by Happy Hour Mom to create some ideas and advice for combining a boy and girl into the same room (in this case, a baby boy with a toddler girl).  In previous posts, we’ve covered “Choosing the Right Floor Plan”, “Color Palettes” and “The Importance of Choosing Key Elements”. Today’s post focuses on the fun stuff – nursery decor ideas.  Here’s an excerpt for our Little Crown Interiors Nursery Design blog readers:

Happy Hour Mom

When designing a room fit for a little boy and girl to share, it is important to find key elements that represent each child while still maintaining a certain amount of cohesiveness. So far this week we have covered the need for a solid floor plan, selecting the right color palette, and the importance of designing the room around your favorite piece–whether it be furniture, bedding, or favorite print. What’s left? The finishing touches with awesome accessories. Thanks to Gerri and Naomi of Little Crown Interiors for the following design tips:

Now, let’s have some fun with the walls!

The Changing Table: We love these existing frames over the changing table.  A few new pics of A’s baby boy, and these are good to go.  This changing area looks to be one lamp, and one changing pad cover (tons of color options available at Babies R Us) away from happiness.

Nursery changing table

We would love to see an adorable white lamp base paired with a custom fabric shade, using some Caden Lane fabrics (available by the yard here at CadenLane.com).  We found the perfect lamp for Alissa, the Owl Lamp (as seen above)! You can find it at Target.

The windows: The existing window treatments in A’s room are super cute, but definitely will not work for a shared boy and girl room.  As the walls and bedding are very colorful, we would suggest some simple white curtain panels.  Some great budget-friendly options are available at both Target and JC Penney:

On Each Side of The Window: There’s room for something cute on each side of the window – so we took this as the perfect opportunity to help personalize the room.  One of our favorite artwork vendors – Oopsy Daisy has tons of stretched canvas artwork pieces that coordinate, and can be personalized.
Oopsy Daisy art

Designer Tip: Although these children are young, it’s still good to give them their own space.  We always recommend finding ways to let the kids know that their room is special for them, even though they’re sharing it.

Over the Beds: First off – when choosing artwork items to be placed over a crib or children’s bed, safety must come first.  One fun and affordable option is wall decals.  We happen to love a vendor called Dali Decals – their vinyl wall decals are easy to install, adhere properly to the walls, and are completely customizable.  A large white dandelion over each bed would tie in with the white curtains and lamp shade base, and would be adorably appropriate for a shared room.  This particular decal comes either right facing or left facing – we would suggest one of each, to create a symmetrical look over the beds.
Dali Decals
Designer Tip: for the best results getting wall decals to adhere correctly, apply several days after a fresh coat of paint.

So, our Little Crown Interiors Design Blog readers:  tomorrow is the day when Happy Hour Mom will be showing all of the pieces together, and posting our last article with tips about a mixed gender children’s room.  Stay tuned…


Color Palettes for a Mixed Gender Children’s Room

Today, Little Crown Interiors is continuing our series with Happy Hour Mom, about a mixed gender children’s room.  We were asked for boy’s nursery design ideas and girl’s room ideas to help Alissa create a mixed gender children’s room for her family.  Each day this week, Happy Hour Mom is sharing part of the series, along with our nursery design and children’s room design ideas.  Today’s post focuses on choosing a color palette – here’s an excerpt for our Little Crown Interiors Nursery Design Blog readers:

Happy Hour Mom:

Deciding what color to paint the walls has always been one of the most difficult aspects of creating the perfect living space for me. I think it has something to do with the feeling of being “permanent” but in all actuality it is not that difficult to change. Nothing that a little primer and new paint won’t fix, right? While this may be true, it is still a bit challenging to find the perfect color combination to compliment one another. In our case, we used our Caden Lane boy and girl bedding selections as inspiration for the selected color palette. Thank goodness we had the help of Naomi and Gerri of Little Crown Interiors to help us select the best color combo for Alissa’s nursery. Here is what they had to say:
When creating a mixed gender room, there’s almost no limit to the options for your color palette.  Little Crown Interiors design tip: Pick one color to be the unifying factor in the room.  Be sure that you use this color throughout the room – in both the boy and girl items – to make the design look truly polished.

Click Here to Read the Full Post on Happy Hour Mom.

And, catch up on our previous posts: Post 1 (about choosing the right nursery floor plan for mixed gender children’s rooms), and Post 2 (about choosing the right key design elements in a nursery design or children’s room design).

Here’s a little extra fun for the Little Crown Interiors Nursery Design Blog Readers – Little Crown Interiors created some potential color palettes for any mixed gender children’s room (shown below).  Which one is your favorite?  We’ve got a free gift for the first two people who post comments on Happy Hour Mom – click here to post your comments.  Thanks for reading!

Here’s the mixed gender children’s room color palette Little Crown Interiors created for this specific project – Alissa’s room:

color palette for nursery and children's room design

Here’s a very sophisticated and modern color palette for a mixed gender children’s room:

color scheme for mixed gender nursery and kid's room design

Here’s one more – a sweet and serene option for a mixed gender children’s room:

gender mix nursery and children's room

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to post your comments on Happy Hour Mom by clicking here!


Building Blocks for Nursery Design

Hi Again! Today, Little Crown Interiors is sharing another part of our mixed gender room mini-series for Happy Hour Mom. Little Crown Interiors was presented with a children’s room design challenge: to help Alissa create a cohesive room for her toddler girl and baby boy.  This post focused on the importance of choosing one key design element, and working from there.  Here’s an excerpt for our Little Crown Interiors Nursery Design Blog Readers:

Happy Hour Mom:

When designing your nursery, it is important to develop the look around a key design element. For example, you may have an awesome vintage crib and furniture set that you plan on using. In this case, you would want to make sure and stay true to the vintage vibe. You probably wouldn’t opt for the ultra modern accessory pieces and bedding. Or if you have a beautiful white crib, you would probably find the rest of your furniture to match. In Alissa’s case, all she knew was that she needed to create a living space fit for her little baby bun and his big sister who would be sharing the room. With an open mind and a growing belly, Alissa had pretty much given Naomi and Gerri of LittleCrownInteriors open range to create the perfect nursery. That is, until she had the offer of the century!! Katy Mimari of Caden Lane was thrilled to sponsor this Mixed-Gender Room series and offered her expertise and GORGEOUS bedding.

Boy's crib bedding set by Caden Lane

Caden Lane, is by far one of the most amazing lines of crib bedding I have seen. The quality is superb and the color and pattern combinations are flawless. Katy loved the idea of featuring a mixed-gender room series, and quickly pointed me to her collection of coordinating bedding sets for little princes and princesses. Alissa was thrilled beyond belief when I shared the wonderful news that she would be outfitting her baby beds in the super chic Caden Lane collections. After many hours of browsing the site, we decided on the Modern Vintage Collection. The Moroccan prints and geometric designs were perfect for both a boy and a girl, and Katy’s choice of bold colors is a great alternative to your typical pastel blues and pinks.

Modern Vintage Caden Lane Girl's Bedding

With such bold colors and eclectic designs, the rest was history. Naomi and Gerri were able to play off of the vibe and hues when selecting the accessories and color scheme to complete the perfect nursery for a little girl and boy to share. I can’t wait to share the perfect accessory choices…tomorrow. If you missed out on the tips for devising the perfect nursery floor plan, make sure you read the first article of the series:

Read the full post here

Click HERE to read part one in the series.


How Important is the Right Nursery Floor Plan?

This week, Little Crown Interiors is thrilled to see the launch of a mini-series we have been working on with Happy Hour Mom (www.happyhourmom.com).  We have been working with Shannon of Happy Hour Mom on a series of blog posts about a Mixed Gender Room Design – in other words, filling one room with baby boy nursery ideas, and girl’s kid’s room ideas.  Our first post, featuring tips on creating a nursery floor plan, just ran on Happy Hour Mom – here’s an excerpt for our Little Crown Interiors Nursery Design blog readers:

Happy Hour Mom:

We recently partnered with the amazing women of LittleCrownInteriors.com to offer one of our own HHM Contributor’s a complete nursery makeover! Alissa is expecting her second child on August 20th, and has been faced with the daunting task of creating a practical living space for her, now two year old little girl, and soon-to-be Baby Brother. It is always a challenge for those having twins, or those expecting a new baby, to create a balanced, practical, and adorable mixed-gender room. So you can only imaging her excitement when Gerri and Naomi of LCI came to the rescue and created the perfect abode for Baby Brother and Big Sister.

before photos of girl's nursery interior design

In addition to the “before” pictures seen above, Alissa sent Naomi and Gerri detailed measurements of the room. This was very important, seeing as every inch counts when trying to incorporate a crib, twin bed, changing table, and bookshelf into one comfortable living space. Both Alissa and I had talked about some of her options ahead of time, and in each scenario we left the crib against its current wall and found that a twin bed would probably be too large for the wall near the closet. As two seemingly creative and intelligent women, we both had a “duh” moment when we received the official floor plan from Naomi and Gerri. One of the biggest things I realized, is that it is best to start with a blank slate, at least in your head if you are unable to move all of the furniture out. Alissa had the crib against the green accent wall, and Gerri suggested that that may have been the reason we were keeping the crib centered against the wall prior to the advice of Little Crown Interiors. We were having a difficult time trying to place a twin bed and the rest of the furniture with the floor plan Alissa and I had derived. Look at the amazing “Final Floor Plan” created by the “design queens,” and you will see what I mean. They did an incredible job at arranging the room in a way that will allow each child to have “his” and “her” own space, while keeping it practical.

nursery interior design floor plan for gender mixed design

Naomi + Gerri of Little Crown Interiors share their two cents on the importance of creating the right floor plan for your nursery:

A great nursery or  children’s room always begins with the floor plan.  Taking accurate measurements of the space and the items which go in the room will allow you to look objectively at the placement options.  For A’s room, we used our floor plan to determine that a twin bed could fit instead of a toddler bed, which allowed her to make a more economical and forward thinking investment.

Read the full post here.

Little Crown Interiors: for our nursery design blog readers – we’d like to let you know that throughout the week, Happy Hour Mom will be featuring more tips for incorporating girl’s kid’s room ideas and baby boy nursery ideas into one mixed gender room.  Please check out our posts and let us know your thoughts!


Interview with Happy Hour Mom

Little Crown Interiors was truly flattered when we were recently asked for an interview by Happy Hour Mom. Happy Hour Mom is a great resource site for Moms, celebrating ideas, inspiration and conversation.  We worked with Shannon of Happy Hour Mom about some of the aspects of being a nursery interior designer. We spoke about everything from design inspiration, to nursery design on a budget, and our favorite nursery interior design projects.

Read the full post here.

We are also working on a nursery design guest blog for Happy Hour Mom – which will be a unique type of project for Little Crown Interiors.  We will be writing about a specific nursery – a shared children’s room – for baby boy and a 2 year old girl.  A project like this always presents challenges, so we will be blogging about our shared room design ideas, and product suggestions.  We will also be creating a custom floor plan to show our best suggestions for placing everything needed for fitting the all the stuff for two small children into one small space.

By the way, Happy Hour Mom is really a resource worth checking out.  The focus of the site is to “encourage moms to take a “happy hour” for themselves each day”.  While (sadly), it’s not a practice we can always keep, we love the idea.  We know how hard it can be to take time for ourselves – both from first hand experience, and from working day-in and day-out with our busy clients who are in the same boat.  Truly, we all know how much better off we would be with a little “me” time each day, and Happy Hour Mom is a fun and comprehensive resource for ideas about all things “Mom”.

Be sure to check back on our Little Crown Interiors blog, and also on Happy Hour Mom to read the upcoming post(s).