Naomi and Gerri’s Interview in OC Family

At the end of last week, I (Gerri Panebianco) was at the pediatrician with my little boys, when I noticed that copies of the May issue of OC Family were available in the waiting room.  I opened one up, and there it was – a two page interview with Naomi Coe Alon and yours truly!

Little Crown Interiors featured in OC Family

As nursery interior designers, it’s our sincere pleasure to be featured in this particular magazine.  We have had an office in Orange County since we started Little Crown Interiors in 2008, and have done many of our favorite projects locally.  In fact, both of the rooms shown in this article were created for clients in Orange County!

Our “Royal Fairytale” nursery is shown on the nursery page…

Nursery decorating ideas

…while our nautical theme boy’s room graces the toddler page.

kid's room decorating ideas

It was fun to be interviewed by OC Family, and to have a chance to share our thoughts on current nursery decorating ideas, budgeting for a nursery design, and much more.  Whether you’re looking for nursery decorating ideas, or kid’s room design ideas (or just want to hear what we have to say) you’re in luck – the 2 page piece by Katelyn Barreca features some of everything!  Be sure to pick up your hard copy today!  Not in Orange County?  Visit OC Family online to view the complete digital edition.


We’re Loving – Lucky Kids Magazine

Yesterday was a happy day at Little Crown Interiors.  The premiere issue of Lucky Kids arrived!  At the end of 2010, we were thrilled to hear that Lucky Magazine – a favorite of ours – would be launching Lucky Kids.  The second it arrived, we tore open the plastic wrap, threw aside our regular issue of Lucky (sorry to cover girl Zooey Deschanel), and dug right into Lucky Kids.

Clearly, as nursery interior designers and children’s room interior designers, our favorite stop in the publication was the section on design.  Appropriately called “Lucky Life” – the children’s room design feature showed some elements we truly loved including the clever use of an Eames Chair- similar to  this one – only covered in rubber bands – how fun!!

The playroom design in “Lucky Life” showed an adorable playroom, including the cutest little toy storage bin we’ve seen in a while.  These will definitely be showing up in a children’s room interior design project by Little Crown Interiors sometime soon.

owl toy storage bin

We also liked a feature on children’s artwork displays (something our children’s room interior design clients regularly ask us about).  The ideas in Lucky Kids are fun, and easy to do (but we’re going to have to insist that you go buy a copy, if you want to borrow their ideas – it’s only fair).  On the subject of children’s artwork displays, we saw some great ideas on the recent “The Daily Thread” (the new weekly newsletter from Momologie) – no purchase required…

children's artwork display

One final stop to share from our first look at Lucky Kids – the “Lucky Breaks” section made famous by Lucky Magazine is just full of great deals in Lucky Kids.  From nursery items to strollers, skin care and more, there’s a great deal for everyone.

So, take it from us – go pick up a copy of Lucky Magazine, and the enclosed Lucky Kids, and enjoy 2 great reads.  Also, be sure to check out Lucky Kids on Facebook, Twitter and Online (and while you’re at it, check out Little Crown Interiors on Facebook, and Twitter too!)


Christina Applegate’s Celebrity Nursery

While we always love to see designer baby rooms in the press, we’re just like everyone else – we go crazy for celebrity nursery design photos.  We were especially thrilled with the recently released photos of Christina Applegate’s baby nursery.  We first saw the photos in People Magazine, and were so happy to see the beautiful Oilo Studio bedding set shown in Sadie Applegate’s Nursery.

celebrity nursery design

We had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful team behind the Oilo brand at last Fall’s ABC Kid’s Expo in Las Vegas.  As with all of the vendors we use at Little Crown Interiors, the Oilo team is kind, friendly, and truly a pleasure to work with.   Their beautiful textiles and gorgeous chairs are truly a great fit for a celebrity nursery, and we couldn’t be happier that Christina Applegate chose their product.

While browsing through the People Magazine photos of  Sadie Applegate’s celebrity nursery, we noticed that the beautiful Oilo bedding was paired with sleek, white, modern nursery furniture.  We especially love the storage unit by Oeuf – it’s so versatile, functional, and attractive – what modern family wouldn’t want one?

modern nursery furniture

Another one of our favorite elements of Christina Applegate’s celebrity nursery for her baby girl is that there’s a mobile over the changing table.  As nursery interior designers (and from experience in the real-world of motherhood), we think this is the perfect spot for a mobile.  Potential safety hazards of over-crib placement are avoided (where the child is routinely left unattended).  Plus, it gives a little welcome distraction for the poor little soul being forced into cleanliness by her mean and awful caretakers!  We like this modern nursery mobile, which is similar to Christina Applegate’s all-white modern nursery mobile.

modern white nursery mobile

Congratulations to Christina Applegate!  We hope she and Sadie enjoy countless happy moments in their beautiful nursery together!


We’re Loving… Traditional Fabric Patterns

This week, while putting together our most recent post for Project Nursery, we were thinking about the use of fabric patterns in designer nurseries.  For Project Nursery, we chose the timeless and ever-popular houndstooth pattern - click here to read our post.

We take every post we do for Project Nursery as an opportunity to explore the countless elements which make being a nursery interior designer the world’s greatest job.  In this particular case, the chance to think about ways to include a timeless tradition, such as the houndstooth pattern into our designer nurseries, helped us find a few great new products.  As nursery interior designers, we fell in love with some fabulous fabric from Spoonflower, and the adorable pieces shown above (the patterned cork boards and the awesome houndstooth pattern room divider).

Little Crown Interiors will be writing more posts for Project Nursery, which focus on the use of fabric patterns in designer nurseries.  On our short list: Damask, Plaid, Ikat and Chevron.

designer nurseries using fabric patterns

Through our fabric pattern series, we’re especially excited to explore the ways that these various patterns can be used for girl nursery ideas and boy nursery ideas alike.  We recently created a designer nursery for a boy around a beautiful gray and white damask pattern, and we love the idea of a striking plaid print in a girl’s room.  Both are not completely traditional uses of the fabric patterns, but as nursery interior designers, we think it’s more important to choose something you love – regardless of the gender of your baby – and go with it!  Whether it’s houndstooth, plaid, damask, chevron, or something else entirely, there’s no limit to the amount of creativity one can put into a designer nursery.  We’re just hoping to help send great inspiration to our Nursery Culture readers, and our Project Nursery readers alike – thanks for reading & be sure to check out our full post on Project Nursery.


Interview with Happy Hour Mom

Little Crown Interiors was truly flattered when we were recently asked for an interview by Happy Hour Mom. Happy Hour Mom is a great resource site for Moms, celebrating ideas, inspiration and conversation.  We worked with Shannon of Happy Hour Mom about some of the aspects of being a nursery interior designer. We spoke about everything from design inspiration, to nursery design on a budget, and our favorite nursery interior design projects.

Read the full post here.

We are also working on a nursery design guest blog for Happy Hour Mom – which will be a unique type of project for Little Crown Interiors.  We will be writing about a specific nursery – a shared children’s room – for baby boy and a 2 year old girl.  A project like this always presents challenges, so we will be blogging about our shared room design ideas, and product suggestions.  We will also be creating a custom floor plan to show our best suggestions for placing everything needed for fitting the all the stuff for two small children into one small space.

By the way, Happy Hour Mom is really a resource worth checking out.  The focus of the site is to “encourage moms to take a “happy hour” for themselves each day”.  While (sadly), it’s not a practice we can always keep, we love the idea.  We know how hard it can be to take time for ourselves – both from first hand experience, and from working day-in and day-out with our busy clients who are in the same boat.  Truly, we all know how much better off we would be with a little “me” time each day, and Happy Hour Mom is a fun and comprehensive resource for ideas about all things “Mom”.

Be sure to check back on our Little Crown Interiors blog, and also on Happy Hour Mom to read the upcoming post(s).