The Imagination of a Child, Expressed via Great Design

Ever wonder what the inside of a child’s imagination looks like?  Just take a peek into the amazing design of Kid’s Republic bookstore in Beijing.  This vast and inspiring retail space was designed by SAKO Architects, and holy cow, it’s delightful!

Entrance to kids bookstore interior

The main entryway is a sensory tunnel with pantone-style steps wrapping up the walls, covered in plush carpet, with specifically placed lighting to create an almost out-of-body experience.

Stairway to kids republic bookstore

Children's bookstore design

Inside is a vast layout of swirling bookshelves, rainbow colors, and walkways reminiscent of a Candyland board game.

Amazing kids retail design

The multi-colored paths continue into a stairway up to the second floor that’s so unique, it almost looks unclimbable.

Interior design of kids bookstore

Secret hideaways lurk around every corner where children can hole-up with their favorite new book, or simply relax and enjoy the absolutely spectacular environment around them.  Stellar!