Wire Art for the Nursery

I came across this image of cloud shaped clothes hangers on Pinterest a few days ago and thought it was so endearing.  Hangers are one of those things that every nursery closet needs, but they’re not always, well, exciting.  Sure, you can get a variety of colors and textures, but they’re still just boring hangers.  So when I saw these cloud shaped bad boys, I actually felt a little excited about hangers – a phrase I never thought I’d utter in my life.

nursery closet baby clothes hangers

The hangers are made by a company called Tea Pea out of New Zealand, and a quick visit to their online store revealed that they have quite the adorable little line of baby and child products.

cloud shapes baby clothes hangers

The cloud hangers come in pink and mint, and are made of powder coated steel, which means they will never chip or fade.

heart wire art for nursery

In keeping with the wire theme, they also have some fantastic wire wall art that would be perfect in a nursery or child’s room.  The Heart Sign is so simple, but would make such a great statement on a nursery wall.

arrow wire art for nursery

There’s also an Arrow Sign, which would be wonderful in multiples, scattered in an abstract arrangement.

hello wire sign for wall art

For the adventurous, they also have a bright yellow Hello Sign, which I think I might need for my entryway!  It’s also available in magenta.

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