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I’m Naomi Alon, founder of Little Crown Interiors, artist, designer and author.


My job is simple:  I do whatever it takes to help moms-to-be and new parents wade through the difficult waters of designing a nursery (or a kid’s room).  Whether you’re overwhelmed with all the options, terrified of making sure everything is safe, or just want a beautifully designed nursery, I’m here to help your dreams become reality.

Whether it’s nursery interior design services, a visit to my online shop, or my nursery design eBook for you DIY-ers, I’ve created a way for anyone to get the beautiful, functional, safe and memory-making nursery they desire.

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Interior Design:  The bread and butter of Little Crown Interiors is interior design services for nurseries and child spaces. With service levels available for any location and budget, anyone can achieve the nursery of their dreams.  Want my help designing your nursery?  Check out all the service options here.

Online Shop:  In 2011, I launched the Little Crown Interiors Shop to help fulfill a flood of requests for custom crib bedding and wall monograms. Over time, the shop has expanded with my favorite pieces and hand-picked finds.

eBook Author:  2015 saw the the release of my first eBook, Your Perfect Nursery – a comprehensive step by step guide on how to design a nursery.  I gathered all the information that I’ve learned after years of nursery design and compiled it into an organized eBook – my life’s work all in one digital file!  Get your copy to learn everything from how to create a floor plan, to nursery safety and how to use color, plus a full resource guide and valuable coupons.

Industry Expert:  Over the years, Little Crown Interiors has been featured widely on television, in major print publications and online. With an ever-growing list of press and client praise, I have also become a contributing editor for Project Nursery and Parenting Magazine, curator for, and expert adviser on articles published by People, LilSugar and many more.  I also regularly share my inspiration and design tips via my blog and social media.

The moment I completed my first nursery design was extraordinary – not only had I just designed a room, but had created a space for future memories, a backdrop for blooming motherhood and family values, and a loving environment for nurturing a child.  That was the moment I knew nursery design was the right path for me.  I work directly with my clients to ensure a result that is not only beautiful and well designed, but also functional, comfortable, safe, and that always feels like home.

After graduating with degrees in both studio art and interior design, I started working at a design firm that specialized in nurseries and children’s rooms.  I immediately fell in love and became passionate about creating spaces for this very special niche of “little” clients.  In 2008, I opened the doors to my own design studio, Little Crown Interiors, and since then have designed over 100 projects for new parents, expanding families, and celebrities throughout the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas, and E-Designs all over the country.

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