With myself, two boys, a husband, and a business to run, keeping my schedule organized is essential.  I’ve tried every type of calendar and app imaginable, and it can take some time to really figure out what system works right for your family.  For me, it’s print outs of my Apple calendar, a notebook for ideas I don’t want to forget about, and lots of organization for each of the activities the boys do (like keeping all their sports uniforms and such separate and ready to go).

Family scheduling is one thing that never seems to get easier on the exciting, rewarding, and hard journey we call raising kids. With a new baby (and especially if there is already a sibling), it can be difficult to keep up with the who, what, where, when, and why of it all.  It’s a drag, but these days there are so many different options to help you stay on top of your game, and do it in a fun way.

Baby Journal for Family Scheduling

As I said, I like to use a notebook for keeping ideas and thoughts (for business and family both).  With a new baby specifically, this can be very important.  You don’t want to forget about the sweet and special things that happen if you’re caught up in the crazy schedule of life.  Minted features an array of amazing Personalized Baby Journals that will make you actually want to plan the day and scribble down thoughts. They key to organization and scheduling is finding a way to do it that actually keeps you motivated, so what better way than to do it in style?  The pretty First Year Florals design above is available in three different colors too (as are many of their designs).  Yay for options!

Giraffe Clock for Family Scheduling

I tend to be one of those people who can lose track of time, so I always keep a clock nearby, a watch on at all times, and my phone next to me to check too.  In the first months of having a baby, timing is everything, with feeding and changing happening at all hours – it’s nice to have a cute clock to reference.  These Wooden Giraffe Clocks are from our own Little Crown Interiors Boutique. How cute are they?!

Nursery Organization in the Closet

There is definitely an art to organizing, and it goes hand in hand with scheduling. This clever Project Nursery Organizer Idea is right on point. Maximizing closet and wall space with hanging rods, shelves, and labeled cubbies is perfect!  With a new baby, you can organize by clothing type or season, and with older children, you can organize by sport or activity.

Mommy Calling Card for Family Scheduling

Ever feel like you’re so tired with a new baby that you don’t even have the energy to tell a fellow mom your name?  A bit of an exaggeration, sure, but you get the idea.  Either way, I love these adorable personalized Mommy Calling Cards from Minted for just that reason.  It makes life easier when you’re bouncing from mom groups, reading time and other baby activities.  The above Colorful Playtime design is so fresh and cheery, it will put a smile on your face every time you pull one out of your overfilled diaper bag.


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