Floral Nursery Wallpaper From Pip Studio

When I was just starting out as a nursery designer (10 years ago!), I can still remember the first time I went to my local fabric and wallpaper showroom.  I’d been there before on other jobs, but never for a nursery.  Back then, a lot of people were still afraid of wallpaper and I wasn’t getting very many requests for it, but I decided to take a gander anyway.

The room had literally hundreds upon hundreds of wallpaper books, along with even more wall panel displays – seriously overwhelming.  But here’s the thing:  a wallpaper stock room in Orange County is going to be about 99% neutral.  You know, beige, tan, ivory, grey, etc.  Thousands of shades of neutral patterns.  So when I saw the spine of a wallpaper book that was neon pink, I got pretty excited.

That wallpaper book was from Pip Studio, which I had never heard of at the time.  The name “Pip” comes from the designer’s alter ago.  Yes, you read that right.  ALTER EGO.  It’s like an adult’s imaginary friend created this wallpaper line.  Let’s take a gander…

Pip Studio Melody Nursery Wallpaper | Little Crown InteriorsPip Studio Melody Wallpaper

See what I’m talking about?  I’m sure you’ve seen the bold floral nursery wallpaper trend that’s happening just about everywhere lately.  Well, Pip Studio was onto that trend years ago.  And the Chinoiserie trend.  And the bird trend.

Pip Studio Lady Bug Nursery Wallpaper | Little Crown InteriorsPip Studio Lady Bug Wallpaper

Oh, and the gold metallic trend?  They have that one too.  I’ll be honest, this lady bug pattern actually makes me cringe a little, but objectively it’s really cute (for someone who likes bugs).  This one comes in lots of colors, including multiple shades of pink (for girls who like bugs).

Pip Studio Branches Nursery Wallpaper | Little Crown InteriorsPip Studio Lovely Branches Wallpaper

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with neutrals.  Neutrals can be very appropriate for a nursery design, and color can always be layered in.  This pattern is neutral, but definitely not boring.  I actually just wrote a whole post about choosing neutral wallpaper for a safari nursery I was working on.  There is absolutely a time and a place.

Pip Studio Geometric Nursery Wallpaper | Little Crown Interiors
Pip Studio Geometric Wallpaper

This one you just have to see up close.  It’s called geometric, but it also has such a traditional hand-painted feel, making it very versatile.  The colors are so rich and pigmented and the combination of emerald green, cobalt blue and bright pink is stunning.

Pip Studio Peacock Nursery Wallpaper | Little Crown InteriorsPip Studio Deerest Peacock Wallpaper

I absolutely love peonies, and whenever I see them I have visions of big peony arrangements sitting on the entry table of a very wealthy Upper East Sider (Gossip Girl anyone?).  There’s something so romantic about them and their very specific shade of pink.  I can think of nothing sweeter for a girl’s room.

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