Gold Sheep Mobile


Elegant and charming brass mobile with sheep, clouds, stars and a crescent moon. When the metal catches the light it will cast a subtle shimmer and twinkle in the space. A captivating and relaxing mobile – a great option in gender neutral nurseries.

  • Brass sheep, clouds, stars and moon
  • Hand wired on Brass Chains
  • 32″ long
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery


Gold Sheep Mobile


An elegant and charming handcrafted gold baby sheep mobile to help create a serene environment for a baby nursery or child’s room. Two cascading metal bands with chain loop to suspend the mobile from floating assorted sheep with floating clouds, stars, and crescent moon. The brass metal will give your room some subtle shine and twinkle when the light hits A playful while still sophisticated piece of decor and a great option for a luxurious nursery for boys and gils or kids space.

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