Safarino Giraffe Art Print


This piece was created by Frank, age 15.

The Safarino Giraffe Art Print is part of a special collection of art by Foster Art Company. Each piece is created by a child and part of the proceeds go to help children in foster care.  Decorate your space with something meaningful!

  • Limited edition giclée fine art print
  • Printed on archival watercolor paper
  • Size: 12×12
  • Prints are borderless
  • Each print is custom made and non-returnable

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.



Foster Art Company was founded on the belief that all children deserve a stable, safe and loving home. Their mission is to support the children in the foster care system by filling homes, offices, and public spaces with beautiful and meaningful artwork.

Foster Art Company envisions safe, healthy homes for all children and a world with a deeper awareness for foster children’s challenges and needs. They see ourselves as an avenue of opportunity for children to be joyful and creative and to learn about helping others.

This art collection comes from a variety of sources; from existing art programs to workshops to after school art programs, summer camps, or collaborations with local teaching artists. All artwork is created by artists ages one to twenty-one years old and is legally copyrighted.

Children’s artwork captures their authentic spirit and is a joyful addition to the walls of our homes and workspaces.  This art print collection represents children helping other children in need.

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