A Soft Neutral Nursery Design Reveal

It’s time for another design reveal! This nursery was so fun to create, and I just love how soft and subtle it is.  When this client contacted me, she knew she wanted something neutral and serene, and she loved animals. She hinted at the idea of a wallpapered accent wall, and of course, I convinced her to wallpaper the whole space—in something subtle, of course, with a soft enough pattern that it wouldn’t overwhelm the space.

Neutral Animal Nursery

It took a while to choose the wallpaper since it needed to be mellow enough so as to respect the serene tone, and it also had to have an animal pattern (but nothing too juvenile so the wallpaper can last many years). We settled on the perfect pattern that had a hand-drawn feel and was grown-up enough to be versatile.  I wrote a post a while back about the process of choosing said wallpaper, along with some of the alternative options, in case you’re interested.

Neutral Animal Nursery

I chose a gorgeous neutral furniture collection that has a slight rubbed finish to add some warmth and texture to the space. The small iron details also add a touch of masculinity to pair with the very subtle pale blue accents.  This nursery was for a boy, but we wanted it to feel very general neutral so everything could be used again for the next child.

Neutral Animal Nursery

Any animal-themed nursery has to have these baby animal photographs, and my client was in love with them from day one. Half the fun is going through all the options and choosing the right combination of animals. Of course, these are framed with plexiglass instead of real glass since they are hanging over the crib, and they are very well secured to the wall.

Neutral Animal Nursery

I love the combination of taupe and gray. It may sound like two neutral tones will compete, but they actually work so well together, especially since the wood flooring has so many variations of color. We also pulled in elements of ivory and white. We used one of my all-time favorite gliders—every client I’ve suggested it to loves how modern it is while still remaining cozy and comfortable.

Neutral Animal Nursery

Wall ledges are such a great option for books because they also make use of the books as an art display. I paired the books with some little art and decor pieces to pull the look together.

Neutral Animal Nursery

This nursery, like most, isn’t a very large room, so I opted to add a mirror over the changing table which helps to open up the space and bounce light around the room. I love how it reflects the rope light fixture as well.  Lastly, I always try to sneak in some greenery if at all possible, and these little wall vases were the perfect way to do that!

To see even more photos of this space, check out my portfolio.

Images by Full Spectrum Photography


My Incredible Experience Giving Back with A Sense of Home

Designing nurseries and kid’s spaces is a luxury. I feel incredibly lucky that I get to do interior design for my career, something that I love and that brings me joy. What brings me even greater joy, however, is the ability to help others. Sometimes it’s as small as seeing a client’s face light up when she sees her finished nursery, and other times it’s reaching out to those who need it most.

Photo courtesy of A Sense of Home

I came across A Sense of Home by chance several months ago and knew that I needed to get involved. Their purpose is something that I feel a deep sense of connection to, and they are doing their part to enrich our community by passing along a message of paying it forward. A Sense of Home helps foster youth who have aged out of foster care get into apartments and furnish their new spaces with furniture and decor, giving them a real sense of home. There are around 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system and upwards of 35,000 age-out each year, many with children of their own.

Photo courtesy of A Sense of Home

I had the incredible experience of volunteering with ASOH to help create a home for an amazing former foster youth and her four children. The day was filled with passion, hard work, tears and laugher as the staff (mostly former foster youth themselves) and volunteers carried in furniture, hung artwork and decorated the kid’s rooms for this deserving family.

Photo courtesy of A Sense of Home

Want to help? Here’s how:

1. If you are local to Los Angeles, you can donate lightly used furniture, decor and home items. You can see a list of the items they need most below. You can also volunteer to be part of a home creation!

2. If you’re not local, but still want to help, you can donate directly to the organization via their website.

3. If you know a company that might want to sponsor ASOH or donate products, connections are much appreciated.

4. Help us spread the word! Tell your family and friends, post on your social media and help get the word out.

A huge thanks to some great baby and kid’s companies who have sent donations already! Gosilisent some silicone placemats, ergoPouch sent some of their adorable sleep swaddles, MAM sent a big box of baby bottles and b.box sent some of their fun and colorful feeding products. Thank you so much!

A list of much needed items that you can create with your community.

If you have any questions, please email me! naomi (at) littlecrowninteriors.com





Making Use of the Fifth Wall in a Nursery

When designing a nursery, it’s important to make use of all four walls as design features. Each wall needs to be incorporated into the overall design in order to create balance and flow. But there is also a fifth wall—the ceiling! I’ve done nurseries in the past that have included painted ceilings, wallpapered ceilings and even ceilings with a full mural design. It’s not something that every client wants, but every now and then, I’ll have a client ask for a ceiling treatment.

Just in the past few weeks, I’ve had at least three clients ask for ceiling treatments, so I’m working on a lot of them right now, and on the lookout for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite ceiling treatments and a few tips on how to make them work.

Keep light in mind. If the room is dark and doesn’t have a lot of natural light, you may want to think twice about doing a bold ceiling treatment. If your ceilings are low, adding a statement ceiling can make it seem a little lower, which can make the room feel smaller. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Just stick with light and bright colors or patterns that are subtle and soft.

Boho Toddler Room with Painted Ceiling

This boho toddler room has a very soft ceiling color, which keeps the space light and bright.

Work with the architecture. If you have a soffit, moulding detail or any other type of architectural detail on the ceiling, you may have the perfect spot for an accent. Ceiling treatments don’t have to take up the whole ceiling.

Nursery with Night Sky Mural by Little Crown Interiors

Nursery by Little Crown Interiors | Mural by Wall Art by Allyson

Keep price in mind. Wallpapering a ceiling is, well, a pain. If you hire an installer to do it, they may charge more than they would to wallpaper a regular wall. Just keep that in mind if you’re looking into wallpaper.

Neutral Nursery by Design Dump with Wallpapered Ceiling

Nursery with textured wallpaper by Design Dump

Keep the whole design in mind. If you want to use the ceiling as a fifth wall, make sure it’s cohesive with the rest of the design. For example, in the nursery below, we painted the ceiling a pretty soft pink, but the pink flows with the rest of the design. Even if the room gets changed, and the furniture gets replaced, the ceiling and walls still coordinate with each other, and with the main concept of the room.

Pink Ceiling in Girl Nursery by Little Crown Interiors

Nursery by Little Crown Interiors

Also remember that you’re not bound to paint or wallpaper for your ceiling. A quick search on Google or Pinterest will show you a wealth of ideas—everything from glittering LED lighting to coffering to picture frame moulding. The sky’s the limit (no pun intended).

[This article was originally written for Project Nursery]


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