Always in Vogue: Sophisticated Nursery Design Ideas

[The following post was graciously written by guest blogger Tracey Clayton.]

As a mother, I have always viewed my kids as royalties, especially when they were still babies. When designing a room for a newborn, some parents decide on “cartoonish” and overly fluffy décor. I myself like to create just the appropriate balance of playful and polished. Although aesthetics is what first comes to mind when mentioning a sophisticated nursery, there is also a practical side to it. Elegantly designed nurseries age more gracefully, meaning they can be adapted to kids’ needs and tastes as they grow to toddlers and to school-age. They are also characterized by soft and gentle colors which make them more pleasant for the baby’s eyes. Finally, they never go out of vogue. If you’re on the same page, here are some great ideas for creating a refined nursery.

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Go with a single color.  Creating a monochromatic nursery can be a challenge, but if you do it right, it will be the ideal backdrop for an elegant design. If you decide on a single color, make sure you use various slight variations of it to introduce some contrast and interest. Mixing several different neutrals will help you achieve a similar effect, too.

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Mix up the textures. Combinations of different textures will make the room look warmer, cozier and, of course, more sophisticated. Just imagine a raw wood crib, smooth hardwood floor and lacquered dresser combined with soft round rugs, plush sheepskin throws, faux fur details and interesting pillows.

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Choose a wonderful crib. The crib is the centerpiece of every nursery, so you should be very careful when choosing it. There are so many beautiful and “out of the box” crib designs available that you will surely find something to match your taste while also being functional.

Install a striking lighting fixture.  Even a common room without many details can be elevated with the simple addition of a striking chandelier. Depending of the rest of the décor, you can go for a Victorian-style crystal chandelier or simple and elegant pendant lamps.

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Canopies are made of dreams.  Crib canopies always make the nursery feel lighter and more romantic. They go especially well with cribs of inconspicuous design, because they give them the edge they previously didn’t have. Canopies can be plain and simple or ornate and decorative. They are available in various colors and styles, and they can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or attached directly onto the crib. A crib canopy is also very useful for rooms that are too bright, because it creates a dimmed environment inside the crib, making it easier for the baby to fall asleep.

Direct your focus on a wall.  Every room can benefit from an accent wall, and the nursery is no exception. The wall where the attention will be focused should be the one behind one side of the crib (preferably the longer one). As you are aiming for subtlety rather than pizzazz, decorate the wall with a wallpaper of the same or similar color as the rest of the room, with the addition of beautiful details (e.g. star pattern). You can also hang up artwork – use the color or the style of the frames as a unifying element.

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Throw in some vintage finds.  Vintage furniture pieces and accessories have a way of enriching the room with a whole new vibe, and they often look irresistibly elegant and sophisticated. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. You probably already have old furniture pieces in your attic that can be refreshed. Also, you can visit your local flea market and find some great rocking chairs, armchairs, dressers and armoires. Old armchairs can be reupholstered with elegantly-patterned fabrics, while wooden pieces can be either repainted or whitewashed to look more antique.  Just watch out for lead paint and make sure each piece is safe.

Metallic shine.  Metallic pieces, especially ones made of warm metals (e.g. copper and rose gold) bring in a special, luxurious feel into the nursery. They can be introduced with lamps, picture frames, wallpaper details, or even crib rails.

These ideas will help you design a unique nursery that will be a true castle chamber for your little prince or princess.


About the author: Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”




How to Use Wall Murals in the Nursery

In case you haven’t heard, wall murals are slowly becoming a popular choice instead of traditional style wallpaper. What’s the difference? Wall murals are an overall design meant to cover an entire wall, rather than the repeating patterns of wallpaper. I love wall murals because they work like a giant piece of wall art and they can really make a statement in a nursery or kid’s room. I’m working on a home right now and we are using wall murals in all three of the children’s rooms.

In the first girl’s room, I chose a gorgeous large floral wall mural from Anewall. The overall design of the room is soft neutrals with touches of blush pink, and this wall mural is perfect. Large florals are still having their moment, and I can’t wait to see this one once it’s installed!

Anewall Blush Floral Wall MuralBlush Floral Wall Mural by Anewall

Large Floral Wallpaper from Anewall Here’s a sneak peak of the floral paper going up at my job site.

This next design may look familiar to you. That’s because a different colorization of it was used in Emily Henderson’s nursery, and it was splashed all over social media—and for good reason! This nature-inspired wall mural is so pretty, and my client fell absolutely in love with it. She wanted to incorporate some lavender into the space, so we opted for the purple version instead.

Rebel Walls Bellewood Purple Wall MuralBellewood Rainbow Wall Mural by Rebel Walls

Rebel Walls Bellewood Wall MuralHere it is going up in my client’s space.

In the third room, my client wanted something more educational and vintage-inspired for her son. His colors were also neutral with pops of sage green, so this map piece was a great choice. He can also use little stickers to mark all the places that he travels to as he grows up.

Rebel Walls School Atlas Wall MuralSchool Atlas Wall Mural by Rebel Walls

All in all, each of these wall murals is going to make a big impact in these rooms. If you’re thinking about putting a wall treatment in your nursery, but don’t love the idea of a repeating pattern, consider a wall mural as a big piece of statement art.


New in the the Shop! Luxurious Blush and Navy Velvet Rockers

A few weeks ago, I was at the All Baby & Child trade show in Las Vegas, and found some gorgeous new nursery items.  I was very drawn to these new velvet rockers with a stunning rose gold frame.  They come in blush velvet and navy velvet, two colors that are having a major nursery moment. This is definitely not your grandma’s rocking chair!  The rose gold frame is so sleek and beautiful, and lends itself to a surprisingly wide variety of nursery styles.

Rose Gold & Pink Velvet Rocker | Little Crown Interiors Shop

I’ve purchased an enormous amount of rockers and gliders for clients over the years, and quality matters. What really attracted me to these rockers was the quality and attention to detail in the construction of the metal frame and the upholstery.  Aside from the obviously beautiful shiny rose gold finish, the rocking motion is smooth and the frame has a tall, supportive back for maximum comfort during all those hours spent rocking and nursing.

I really loved how both the blush and navy look against the rose gold.  While the blush is more sweet and complimentary to the frame, the combination of the moody indigo-navy color really pops and will surely make this piece the star of the nursery.

Rose Gold & Pink Velvet Rocker | Little Crown Interiors Shop

You can see these two very cool nursery rockers in my online shop.






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