Let’s talk tables! A side table is one piece in the nursery that is so often overlooked. It’s such an important piece! The side table is usually paired with a glider for setting a bottle, stacking a few books, a phone or perhaps a small lamp for reading time. If you have the space for one, a side table is a great addition to your nursery seating area.

If you do have enough space for a side table, there are several key features to look for and a few to avoid. Depending on what the table is made of, it can be lightweight. While this may seen like a good thing, it can actually cause an issue if the table is easy to topple over. Pay attention to both the weight of the table and the type of legs it has. Pedestal bases are usually not a great idea since those can tip over easily as well, especially if it will sit on top of carpet.

Rode Gold Bassinet Aura Nursery WorksRose Gold Bassinet with Acrylic and Gold Side Table

From a design standpoint, avoid any decorative elements that can be unsafe such as sharp edges. I almost always suggest a round side table for the nursery for this reason! Round side tables will also fit better in most nurseries because the glider is often situated in a corner. Whatever style you choose, make sure your side table is sturdy and does not wobble.

Here are a few of my favorite nursery-friendly side tables, perfect to pair with your glider! You won’t believe how useful this small extra surface will be!

Nursery Side Tables

  1. Acrylic and Gold Round Table: The combination of acrylic and gold are still so popular for nursery designs. I love that this piece is structurally stable but feels visually much lighter. This is great for smaller nurseries since it doesn’t take up much “visual space”.
  2. Martini Side Table: This is a style that has been around for a while now but is still a favorite of mine. The white and gold color options can work into just about any nursery and the base style make these extremely stable, even on carpet.
  3. Kids Rattan Nightstand: Rattan may be a bit trendy, but a side table is the perfect spot to work in a more stylized piece. The rattan material is great for nurseries with a bohemian or beachy feel!
  4. Volume Side Table: Warm wood tones are really great for a modern nursery design. This piece is one that you can easily carry through to a more mature space as your child grows.
  5. Perched Side Table: I love working in touches of whimsy into my nursery designs. This side table feautures the cutest bird detailing. Like acrylic, marble pairs really well with gold accents for an elegant touch!
  6. Ceramic Drum Side Table: Lately, black and white palettes have become really popular in nursery designs (Check out my black and white nursery reveal). So I am always on the lookout for fun black pieces to use for clients who are asking for them.
  7. Werner Acrylic End Table: This is another stunning take on the acrylic and gold trend. I love how the lines of this one feel very mid-century sleek but the acrylic has a lighter feel than the typical wood finish of this style. Acrylic is great for nurseries since it’s practically indestructible. But beware of fingerprints!
  8. Pandan Rope Drum Side: This drum-shaped side table is woven from rope crafted out of Pandan, a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia. Working in organic textures is great for warming up a nursery design.
  9. Bluxome End Table: Anytime you can work in a bit of extra storage into your nursery is a major plus. I love that this table feels open but still includes a storage element. Plus the round and soft storage basket is a great safe alternative to a square chest or bin. This is definitely one of my most affordable favorites, and it comes in a few other color combos too.
  10. Porto Round Wood Side Table: I love the classic simplicity of this double tiered wooden side table. The lower shelf allows for the option to place a basket with plenty of surface area for books, bottles, and decor. It’s super transitional too, so it will work in a variety of spaces.
  11. Pinecrest Storage Side Table: This table is definitely the priciest on my list, but it is absolutely stunning! This one checks all of the marks that I look for in a nursery side table. The round sturdy shape is super safe. Plus there is a  pull-out shelf above the drawer and a lower cabinet with a shelf for books.
  12. Prism Side Table: If you are worried about coordinating your wood tones, a brass side is a great choice! It adds such a sophisticated touch, and the faceted style gives some structural interest.


What type of side table do you want for your nursery?

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